Hello! My name is Megan and I run/own Scruby Snax. I'm a fully trained chef & baker and my dream is to one day open my own bakery where I sell human and dog goodies! I currently bake, decorate and package everything from home.

My partner, Zayne, is so supportive and helps out wherever he can in between working. We take all orders to the post office together when he isn't at work as well as talking through future ideas and ways to improve Snax.

Loki is my first dog and he is the softest, goofiest pup going. He's an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is my taste tester. He makes sure all my Snax are up to scratch before they go live!

As of October 2021 I am a first time Mum to my beautiful daughter Skylar. She is my entire world and I hope to make her proud with how far I can take Scruby Snax. She loves trying to get involved already so I can't wait to share the future of Snax with her as she grows.