Pawty Rings

Pawty Rings

Pawty Rings are the perfect fully grain free treat for any occasion! You can choose the colours that come on them or they can be chosen for you and arrive a surprise!

  • Pumpkin, PB & Coconut - pumpkin, peanut butter, coconut milk, coconut flour

    PB & Banana - peanut butter, banana, gf plain flour

    PB, Banana & Carob - peanut butter, banana, carob powder & gf plain flour

    Strawberry, PB & Banana - strawberry, peanut butter, banana, oats, gf flour

    Icing - yoghurt powder, skimmed milk, maize flour, tapioca flour, albumen, (trace maltodextrin), food colouring

  • Store in an air tight sealed container and keep in a cool, dry area