Birthday & Gotcha Day Gallery

Here you'll get to see lots of lucky pups with their birthday and gotcha day goodies. All the photos will have the product page tagged as well as a link to the pup's social media account. I have so much fun creating unique cakes and biscuit boxes for your pup's special day and love seeing everything go down a treat.

Ralph Mini Bday Pack

Ralph celebrated his 2nd birthday in style with a super unique & fun googly eye themed Mini Birthday Pack. Pink and green were the colours of choice and I think they work so well together.

Rupert got to demolish one of our delicious biscuit boxes on his 3rd birthday. With a dinosaur inspired colour scheme there was also a dino egg balloon and a t rex cookie instead of a dog balloon cookie.

Rupert Biscuit Box
Bentley Mini Bday Cake

Bentley got to enjoy one of our mini birthday cakes for his big day. Blue & green were the colours of choice, the perfect theme for a very handsome boy.

Fenrir celebrated his 3rd birthday with this very cute mini drip cake. His baby brother Bragi may have snuck a bite or two while he wasn't looking - it's just that yummy.

Fenrir Mini Bday Cake